adv bot

Tour operator demo

240 x 400 Example of desktop format
300 x 250 Example of mobile format

What we mean

Adv bots are smart conversational advertising banners. A traditional banner provides few information due to limited space: adv bots overcome such limitation thanks to an integrated chat bot that allows the user 'talk to the promotion' and get the needed information.

Adv bots can provide general information, details from a catalog, price list, menu, etc. And they can interact with other services.

Adv bots are smart: they include AI algorithm that unlock dialog comprehension and can be trained to learn new contexts.

They can have different formats, they can integrate an audio output option and conversations can be monitored (users' privacy is fully granted) for statistic purposes.

Available formats

Adv bots are very versatile and can be made with different layouts based on your needs.

Some of the available sizes among the most common formats are:

  • 300 x 250;
  • 240 x 400;
  • 336 x 280;
  • 720 x 300;
  • 300 x 600.

Size can be customized taking into account the minimum width and height necessary for a comfortable chat experience.

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